Dec 092021

We harvested beetroot, onions, potatoes and parsley and made a soup. Thank you Cepriana for all your help throughout the year with our garden/vegetable plot!

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Nov 122020

On 21st September 2020, the Donard-Glen footballers called to the school with the cup. It was great to see some past pupils and even one Daddy from the team. Well done guys and thanks for your time!

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Nov 122020

We said goodbye to the sixth class 2019/20. Sadly, given the circumstances, they couldn’t celebrate it with the rest of the school. Thank you to Helen for outsorcing the personalised hoodies and to all of their parents for making it possible for the 4 boys to meet during lockdown. Good luck in secondary school!

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Nov 122020

Our under-12 chess team and under-8 draughts team represented Westside Community Games in St. Kevin’s Community College in Dunlavin. The droughts team received silver medals, while the chess team received bronze.

The chess game in particular was very close with 2 wins and 3 losses. Well done to everyone involved!!

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Nov 122020

On 25th February 2020, we all enjoyed eating lots of delicious pancakes. We had various toppings including chocolate sauce, lemon, sugar and chocolate buttons.

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May 172016

Ms. Case returned to plant out our lettuces, strawberry plants and spring onions.

We learned about the benefit of compost to plants. Ms. Case demonstrated this by comparing 2 lettuce plants, which were planted at the same time, where only one had had banana skins, eggshells and teabags mixed through the soil. Can you guess which one in the top left picture?

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Apr 282016

The children recently had the opportunity to explore the medium of clay. They really enjoyed sculpting their little creations.

Here some of our finished products.

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